Sapphire® XC, Large Format 3D Metal Printer

The new laser powder bed fusion printer (LPBF) will give users up to 5X productivity improvement and 75% cost reduction per part when compared to the existing Sapphire® system.

Sapphire® XC uses the same advanced functionality designed into the standard Sapphire while expanding the build volume to 600mm Ø by 550 mm z-height and increasing throughput by a factor of five—capable of both higher volume production and larger single parts.

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Sapphire® XC Features

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Larger build volume: 

Build volume 600mm diameter x 550 mm height (compared to 315 mm x 400 mm in Sapphire®).

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Higher productivity for production:

8 lasers x 1,000W each (compared to 2 lasers x 1,000W in Sapphire®).

Integrated manufacturing process

Fully integrated with FlowTM pre-print software and AssureTM quality control software.

Consistent architecture: Utilizes the same optical-train design, recoater technology, gas-flow technology, and metrology as the current Sapphire.

The Sapphire® XC uses the same optical design, recoater, gas flow, control, and monitoring capabilities, parts produced for Sapphire® can be printed on the Sapphire® XC with the same process conditionals and material properties.

Qualified High-Performance Metal Materials

Velo3D printers are designed for use with a broad range of high-quality alloys to ensure parts meet your design, performance, and quality needs without compromise.


SupportFree Metal 3D Printing

VELO3D separates itself from existing powder bed fusion solutions with its unique ability to print low angles and over-hangs down to zero degrees, as well as large diameters and inner tubes up to 100 mm without the need for supports.

Read more about our SupportFree Metal 3D Printing.


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Velo3D unlocks the power of SupportFreeTM Metal AM Printing for mission critical applications. With the Sapphire® Metal AM Printer, FlowTM print preparation software, and AssureTM quality assurance and control system, engineers have the means to  print the impossible for higher performing solutions.

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