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Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) has long been a promising component of digital transformation by reducing reliance on analog manufacturing methodologies. However, the incumbent technologies and partial solutions available still have significant limitations on the geometries that can be produced, require significant development effort to produce the right part, and lack transparency into the quality of parts produced.

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The Need for SupportFree™ Metal Additive Manufacturing

The challenge with conventional metal additive technologies is that overhanging surfaces of a part tend to require support material, which is difficult to design correctly and both difficult and expensive to remove from the part in post-processing. This requirement leads engineers to compromise what would otherwise be the optimal design in order to avoid requiring this support material, or to try to modify existing designs for printability.

With SupportFreeTM capabilities, these design modifications are no longer necessary. SupportFreeTM processes also deliver these design freedoms without compromising on part quality, something that is common with other solutions when attempting to print similar geometries.

We're now seeing applications that we couldn't address earlier. They were difficult, if not impossible, to manufacture with previous equipment. Our ability to produce support-less parts allows us to aggressively attack that market.
- Andrew Carter, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

Deliver When You Need To Deliver

Velo3D’s in depth process library eliminates the need to develop new process parameter sets for parts. With over two dozen standardized recipes, engineers can analyze the part and have FlowTM automatically apply the right recipe for the part feature at the push of a button. This saves months of development time and reduced the need for specialized technicians.

Production at the Push of a Button

Parts can be delivered with the push of a button without requiring redesign of the part, and requirements for post-processing are significantly reduced. This results in shorter lead time for part production and faster product time-to-market.

Full End-to-End Solution

Velo3D end-to-end solution doesn’t require process development and research on how to produce a specific new part. The fully generalized and broad manufacturing solution already has the intelligence required to adapt the manufacturing processes to the challenges posed by specific parts.

Innovator’s Guide to Metal AM Part Selection

Find our more about what SupportFreeTM processing can do for your designs. Download our handbook for metal part selection and see what we can print for you.

Innovator’s Guide to Metal AM