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The VELO3D Podcast Playlist

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With social distancing the new norm, many people are understandably getting a little antsy being stuck at home. On the bright side, this can be a perfect opportunity to take a moment to catch up on the latest trends and applications of additive manufacturing. For that purpose, we’ve put together a VELO3D podcast playlist that illuminates the new capabilities of our technology and industry use cases in aerospace, oil and gas, and more. Happy listening!

Velo3D on Oil and Gas Tech Podcast -OGT029

In this episode of the Oil and Gas Tech Podcast, Mark LaCour and Dr. Zach Murphree discuss 3D metal printing integration in industrial supply chains, and how Oil and Gas could benefit.

Velo3D Exec on Releasing Parts From the Build Plate

In this episode of Advanced Manufacturing Now, Brett Brune and Will Hasting, Solutions Engineer and an expert in sourcing metal additive manufacturing parts, talks about the ultimate in “SupportFree,” FreeFloating.

Improving The Quality Of Printed Parts With Velo3D

In this episode of Advanced Manufacturing Now, Chris Mahar and Dr. Zach Murphree discuss how VELO3D is enabling prints without support structures, the applications it enables, and the improvements in part quality.

3DPOD Episode 13: Support Free Metal AM with Velo3D’s Zach Murphee

In this episode of 3DPOD, Joris Peels, Maxwell Bogue, and Dr. Zach Murphree discuss VELO3D’s capabilities, partnering with service partners, and working towards printing Aerospace parts.

For more news on additive manufacturing and VELO3D’s technology, check out more articles on our blog!

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