Product Suite

Sapphire® Metal AM Printer

VELO3D’s Sapphire is the next generation metal additive manufacturing system designed to unlock Digital Manufacturing for mission critical applications.

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Production-Level Additive Manufacturing

Sapphire is designed from the ground up with production in mind. Offering the same SupportFree capability and quality control in two different build volumes, Sapphire supports a comprehensive list of applications.

Sapphire Product Brief

The VELO3D Sapphire printer demonstrated the ability to produce class-leading thin-wall capabilities and high-quality surfaces with zero porosity.
- Matthew Bryson, General Manager, Engineering, PWR

Flexible Configurations for Real-World Applications

Sapphire’s cylindrical 315 mm diameter build chamber is now available in 400 mm and 1000 mm configurations.

Designed for Higher Throughput and Better Yield

Both configurations feature dual kW lasers for faster printing and our proprietary non-contact recoater to reduce the risk of part collisions.

Integrated Quality Control

In-situ metrology sensors enable visibility into the quality of every layer of the build

Calibration at the Push of a Button

Calibration requires no external instrumentation enabling runtime and one-click optics calibration

Full Stack Solution

Continuous powder handling and inert powder unpacking included. Sapphire integrates with VELO3D Flow™ pre-print software and Assure™ quality assurance and control system.

Unlimited Design Innovation

While conventional 3D printing systems often require supports for any geometry below 45°, VELO3D’s Sapphire uniquely enables engineers to realize designs with overhangs down to 0° (horizontal), and large inner diameters without supports.

For example, metal additive manufacturing (AM) of gas power turbines is becoming more common as it enables design freedom, light-weighting, and better performance. But some parts, like the Aurelius Mk1 by Sierra Turbines, would be impossible to manufacture using conventional constraints.

With VELO3D SupportFree processing, Sierra Turbines can produce the idea geometry leading to increased time-between-overhaul of 40X and a power-to-weight ratio boost of 10X. Click here to see the story.