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3Din30 Episode 7: Optimization of the Metal AM Workflow

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In the movies, 3D printers are often depicted as simple devices that give you what you want at the push of a button. But while Hollywood has done a good job of capturing our amazement and wonder, it does oversimplify what can be a complex process. For a better understanding of the actual additive process, including how some of the most forward-thinking contract manufacturers tackle the manufacturing of innovative and complex parts with additive, check out episode seven of the ongoing 3Din30 LinkedIn Live series: Optimization of the Metal AM Workflow.

In it, we chat with experts from Stratasys Direct Manufacturing—Andrew Carter: Sr Manufacturing Engineer and Jesse Marin, Manager of Design Services— to learn how their organization continues to hone its expertise of metal additive. This includes their optimization process, their focus on critical customer requirements, and their team approach to ensuring part quality.

As more companies look to leverage Velo3D’s advanced technology for everything from improvements in terrestrial flight and energy efficiency, to advanced rocket engines that will soon power our missions to outer space, it is now more important than ever to understand exactly what goes into printing parts successfully. So, while we are far from the ideal future painted up on the big screen, with continual efforts like what we see at Velo3D, we move, step-by-step, closer to making that vision a reality. 

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