Optimal Geometries

Make the best part for the application. Avoid the compromises of redesigning your part to accommodate for manufacturing limitations.

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SupportFreeTM Metal Additive Manufacturing

This unique capability enables engineers to design without limitations, producing the highest performance parts quickly and effortlessly. This also enables digital manufacturing of legacy parts that were designed to be produced by analog and manual manufacturing technologies without having to modify their design to accommodate this transition.

Support-free metal AM frees us up to use the geometry we'd like to use rather than being pushed into using a design that compromises the aerodynamics in order to make an AM-friendly part.
- Chad Robertson, Senior Engineer, Hanwha Power Systems Americas Inc

The Challenge of Supports

The challenge with conventional metal additive technologies is that overhanging surfaces of a part tend to require support material, which is difficult to design correctly and both difficult and expensive to remove from the part in post-processing.  This requirement leads engineers to compromise what would otherwise be the optimal design in order to avoid requiring this support material, or to try to modify existing designs for printability.

Hanwha Impossible Impeller Webinar

Bring Differentiated Products to Market Faster, Cheaper

Remove the restrictions and constraints on what can be produced and avoid the downtime associated with re-engineering for a manufacturing process.

Companies that use the Velo3D digital manufacturing platform can accomplish dramatically faster product development, creating highly differentiated products that deliver higher performance and lower cost than their competitors.

KW MicroPower’s Impossible Part