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3Din30 Episode 9: How to 3D Print a Company

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For some, 3D printing is synonymous with “easy” and “simple”, but the reality can be quite different.

3D printing or Additive Manufacturing (AM) is still a young technology, and it can be challenging to implement successfully.

But the bigger the challenge, the larger the reward.

So, what does it take to build not one, but two different manufacturing companies that successfully utilize 3D printing?

That is the topic of this 3Din30 session: How to 3D Print a Company

In this episode of our ongoing LinkedIn Live series, we spoke with Vertex Manufacturing President, Steve Rengers, and Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Tim Warden, about the parts Vertex produces and the business philosophies required to be successful in the AM industry.

Topic highlights include:

  • What motivated Steve and Tim to get into the AM business
  • What differentiates Vertex from others in the industry
  • How they’ve overcome Vertex’s most difficult moments
  • How Velo3D fits in the evolution of AM technology

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