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Going Beyond Limitations with Velo3D (Video)

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Knust-Godwin is a precision contract manufacturer based in Katy, Texas that offers turnkey solutions to customer designs, and specializes in precision machining and additive manufacturing (AM) for the aerospace, defense, and energy industries.

With more than 60 years of experience, Knust-Godwin is yet another example of an industry leader choosing Velo3D as their advanced metal additive manufacturing solution to better serve the needs of its expanding customer base.

For a better idea of how Velo3D is helping contract manufacturers like Knust-Godwin incorporate additive manufacturing to its manufacturing capabilities and print products they were unable to print with traditional manufacturing methods and conventional AM technology, watch this short video featuring Mike Corliss, Vice President of Technology at Knust-Godwin, where he explains how his organization overcame significant manufacturing challenges using Velo3D technology.

Are you interested to learn more about how Velo3D’s end-to-end solution can enhance your manufacturing capabilities? Get in touch with one of our expert engineers today.

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