Demand Responsiveness

Leverage a digital manufacturing supply chain to quickly produce parts that meet your design requirements and industry standards.

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Rapid Production of Designs

Responsiveness to demand allows the rapid production of new radical and complex design, without having to iterate on its manufacturability or develop a manufacturing solution.

It also allows the rapid production of a legacy part, designed for analog and manual manufacturing technology without having to redesign it for additive manufacturing and without having to develop a manufacturing solution to overcome the challenging aspects in the parts.


One of the things that my team and I have been very attracted to is anything in the industry that provides more speed, more forward velocity, and faster innovation.
- Jeff Thornburg, Founder and CEO, Interstellar Technologies

In Depth Process Library

The Velo3D turnkey solution doesn’t require process development and research on how to produce a specific new part. The fully generalized and broad manufacturing solution already has all of the intelligence required to adapt the manufacturing processes to the challenges posed by specific parts.

Manufacturing at the Push of a Button

Existing designs can be delivered with the push of a button without requiring redesign. In addition, Velo3D SupportFreeTM capabilities reduce the requirements for post-processing significantly. This results in shorter lead time for part production and faster product time-to-market.

Manufacturing Solution as a Service (mSaaS)

Velo3D‘s pay-as-you-go pricing model allows contract manufacturers to share demand risk. This is as a lower risk alternative to purchasing expensive capital equipment that allows contract manufacturing partners to expand their business offering without incurring debt. When demand rises, the pay-as-you-go model enables increased machine availability to meet the demand. This business model is a manifestation of our complete commitment to the critical value of manufacturing that is responsive to demand.