Assured Quality

Ensure the part meets requirements layer-by-layer. Velo3D provides the confidence that your printed parts will satisfy industry standards.

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Quality Validation Layer-by-Level

Gain confidence in part quality based on layer-by-layer traceability.

The beauty of this system is that the AssureTM software enables us to pull data out layer-by-layer so we know that the parts are accurate and high quality.
- Andrew Carter, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

Part Quality

Velo3D’s products generate and track data in real-time that allows for thorough documentation of the health of the machine, with monitoring of the build to ensure it is meeting production requirements.

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Printer Health

Velo3D has integrated quality-assured production of parts throughout its product portfolio. From the one-click calibration on the Sapphire® printer to statistical and deterministic defect detection in AssureTM.

Operational Performance

Velo3D‘s AssureTM also offers many tools to help manage the factory floor. AssureTM provides a dashboard that tracks each printer’s health and printer performance metrics. Engineers will be able to focus in on utilization trends, system availability data, consumables status, and advanced analytics.

Detailed Build Reporting

All of this data is available real-time for deep insights into how the machine or build is behaving, and a detailed build report is automatically generated at the end of every build.

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