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Assure™ Quality Assurance & Control System

Provides unprecedented traceability of machine health, part integrity, and build reporting.

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Quality Validation at Every Level

Working in concert with Sapphire® and FlowTM, AssureTM, a revolutionary quality control system, enables visibility into every layer of the build through real-time, multi-sensor, physics-based excursion detection algorithms.

Product Brief

The beauty of this system is that the Assure software enables us to pull data out layer-by-layer so we know that the parts are accurate and high quality.
- Chris Billings, President, Duncan Machine Products

Part Quality

In real time, AssureTM predicts bulk material properties for each part through a multi-sensor defect detection system. Print health is determined by combining data from multiple sensors, including meltpool emission monitoring, and X, Y and Z mapping of the powder bed to provide a reliable real-time indication of part quality. Assure also provides a detailed build report for each part after the print completes. This quality control system accelerates the move to production by verifying part-to-part consistency to enable ramp-up.

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Printer Health

AssureTM enables engineers to track the quality and progress of Sapphire® machines real-time via AssureTM’s secure, on-site servers. Prior to a build, AssureTM checks for optimal machine health by tracking and reporting Sapphire®’s ‘pre-flight’ check. This ensures that critical parameters (Optics | Sensors | Consumables | Powder bed quality ) are within specification. During a build, AssureTM validates that these critical parameters stay in spec and substantiates the part quality needed for volume production by predicting bulk material properties, in real-time, for each part.

Operational Performance

Velo3D ‘s AssureTM also offers many tools to help manage the factory floor. AssureTM provides a dashboard that tracks each printer’s health and printer performance metrics. Engineers will be able to focus in on utilization trends, system availability data, consumables status, and advanced analytics. Each build includes a detailed build report that contains part quality data and printer health results for the part. With this set of information, Velo3D is making it easier to qualify parts with less effort and to move AM into production.

Detailed Build Reporting

Assure automatically generates a build report that can form the foundation of a Certificate of Compliance. This report offers full traceability of system performance and any predicted part defects during the build. Included in the report, you will find:

  • Build statistics and execution data
  • Parts List including ITAR status
  • Overview of sensor readings throughout the build
  • Build interrupt summary including images of the interrupted layer
  • Tool health summary

Demo Build Report