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Additive Manufacturing in Aerospace [Infographic]

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For too long, aerospace has encountered countless barriers to entry in metal additive manufacturing. But what are those barriers? And how have legacy AM technologies failed to address the unique needs of the aerospace industry?

Our latest infographic breaks it all down to provide you with a better understanding of legacy AM’s failures while providing a clear picture as to how Velo3D‘s end-to-end AM solution is helping the aerospace industry build the parts it needs at the quality and reliability it needs them.

Our infographic highlights:

– Where legacy metal AM systems fail in the aerospace field

– How Velo3D empowers innovators with metal AM and the benefits to the aerospace sector

– A client story on Velo3D‘s impact on microturbine production

Also, be sure to check out our Aviation & Aerospace Whitepaper, which details our capabilities with notable success stories from Sierra Turbines, Honeywell Aerospace, and KW Micro Power, among others.

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