We Build the Impossible

VELO3D addresses the most difficult additive manufacturing challenges by delivering a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that takes additive manufacturing capabilities far beyond today’s standard.

VELO3D – The Game Changer in Mission-Critical Digital Manufacturing

VELO3D empowers manufacturers to address the most difficult manufacturing challenges through its next-generation Sapphire® metal additive manufacturing solution with support-free production. This intelligent, integrated suite of software and hardware enables the seamless end-to-end workflow, enhanced geometric flexibility, agility, traceable part quality and accuracy, decreased production time and reduced cost of parts and ownership that manufacturers demand. It was invented to solve the hardest-to-solve problems in manufacturing, and it is taking metal additive to a new level of performance and power.

With support-free building, we can provide a much easier one-to-one transition from conventional manufacturing while still reaping the benefits of the additive processes.
- Andrew Carter, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

A New Approach

Having analyzed the metal 3D printing industry, VELO3D‘s founder, Benny Buller, realized a fundamental flaw limiting the speed of AM adoption: to move forward, engineers not only had to adopt a new manufacturing process (Additive Manufacturing) but they also needed to adopt a new design process (DfAM). Benny’s vision was to develop a new approach to metal 3D Printing that accelerated adoption by eliminating the need for DfAM allowing engineers to adopt AM one step at a time. So, he started from scratch. Co-development of the Sapphire® hardware, FlowTM software and advanced processes has opened the door for technology leaders. By reducing the need to re-design parts for Additive Manufacturing, engineers can realize the vast potential that lies in metal 3D printing.

Support-Free Metal AM Printing

The advent of support-free metal additive is a game-changer for manufacturing, allowing all the advantages of additive production without the disadvantages. As a true turnkey solution, Sapphire® is the culmination of 5 years of innovation, delivering the FlowTM and AssureTM advanced, integrated software toolsets for direct CAD-to-print workflows, build simulation, zoning, machine health, automation, in-process, real-time monitoring and QA, and production of build reports. The combined hardware and software deliver the industry’s first support-free production solution delivering multiple business benefits across many industries.

An End-to-End Solution

Support-free enables a new level of design freedom for engineers, while also making part designs for traditional manufacturing almost immediately able to be produced on Sapphire®. In the quest to enable tomorrow’s innovations, VELO3D envisions a future in which products are designed without constraints, are optimized for best performance, and are more affordable and environmentally sound. In developing our Intelligent Fusion® technology and our comprehensive metal additive manufacturing suite, comprised of our Flow™ Pre-Print Software and our revolutionary new Sapphire® System, that future is here.