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A New Twist on a Boring Bit – A Deeper Dive into the Synergy of Modern Software & Metal AM

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In drilling, optimization means a higher rate of penetration (ROP) of the rock substrate. Proper hydraulic design enables a high rate of flow for drilling fluid to the cutting surface and a low residence time of cuttings generated during drilling. Issues with hydraulics can slow the drilling rate or can create balling (the accumulation of cuttings on the bit face) decreasing drill bit lifetimes.

Engineers have worked to optimize current drill bit designs for hydraulics, but they also design the bits to be manufactured through conventional means. In our experience, this indicates the potential for improved performance by eliminating the compromises made to fit traditional manufacturing technologies.  

Analyzing the results of modern topological optimization and CFD, designers at CDS (Cognitive Design Solutions) confirmed this theory. They found room for further improvement by updating their manufacturing technology and using the geometric freedoms created by advanced metal additive manufacturing (3D Printing). 

Our most recent VeloVirtual, A New Twist on a Boring Bit, drilled deeper into this topic. In it, we welcomed CDS and Ansys engineers for a look at how the synergy of modern software and advanced manufacturing can unlock new capabilities for down hole drill bits.

We also discussed how Velo3D’s end-to-end metal additive manufacturing is well placed to help bring about a wider design spectrum and part optimization for many of the common design features found not only in drill bits but in other industrial applications, too.

The webinar covers:

  • Topological optimization of the drill bit
  • ANSYS fluent CFD analysis of the bit design
  • Benefits of the new design
  • Conventional manufacturing challenges
  • Geometric freedom granted by Velo3D’s advanced end-to-end manufacturing solution

If you want to learn more about how Velo3D’s advanced end-to-end metal AM solution can transform your manufacturing process, get in touch with one of our expert engineers today.

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